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Would you like to carry our products in your store?  Maybe you want to purchase a couple hundred or thousand for your own business to use, well this is where it all happens.  The Bulk order section is where you can order larger volumes of our stock product with an extra discount on the volume you order.  Your discount will automatically be added to the shopping cart.  The discount chart is located below and remember taxes and shipping are extra.  If you would like to order your own custom sleeves, please visit our “custom order” tab under the Arctic tube.   You can also email us at Info@Arctictube.com if you have any further questions.

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Welcome to the bulk section where you can purchase larger quantities of our product for a discounted price. The bulk section is for mainly for bulk purchases of the Arctic tube.  Here you an order multiple’s of our stock sleeves and receive discounts on the amount you purchase.   The larger the volume the larger the discount (please see chart below to see discounted prices).  The bulk section allows you to pick what you like and receive you stock quickly.  You can order anything we currently have in stock , you can also order any amount of any design with any cap and strap combo you like.  The bulk pricing is based on the total amount you order.

If you are looking at ordering custom sleeves for you business, team or event, please go to the top of the page and click on “custom orders”.  You can also email us at info@Arctictube.com for any other questions you have about ordering.  We do ship anywhere on the planet, taxes and shipping are extra.  We also suggest you look into any restrictions for your country before ordering with us.

Would you like to save an extra 10% on your order?  IF we are able to add our logo in with your logo or design, you could be eligible to save an extra 10%!

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