Arctic Tube FAQ

How much does the bottle cost?

The retail price of the bottle is $24.95 and includes the bottle, cap, strap and sleeve of your choice. When you order your Arctic Tube you can choose either black or white for you strap and cap color. We will be introducing more colors in the near future. 

Where do you ship? 

We can ship your Arctic Tube anywhere in the world!

Does the bottle come with a guarantee? 

Yes, the bottle comes with a 30 day no questions asked return policy.  If for some reason you are not happy with our product, simply send us the product back and we will return your money.

Are discounts available for bulk orders? 

Yes there are.  Please click on “Custom Orders” at the top of the page to see how the discounts are applied.

Can I order custom prints for my bottles?

Yes you can.  One of our fantastic features is the ability to custom make your own sleeves. Please click on “Custom Orders” at the top of the page to see pricing details.

Can I be a retailer for Arctic Tube?

Yes you can, we have special pricing for retailers. Please click on “Become a Retailer” at the bottom of the page.

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is the process of transferring sublimation ink to a material by heating up the dye until it turns to a gas form, at which point if fuses to the fibers of the material to embed the image into the fabric.

The benefits of sublimation printing?

Design options are virtually unlimited, from simple designs and colors to photographic images and unlimited colors.  After printing, the material is still breathable and your design or graphics never crack or stretch out even after multiple washings. 

What is the material that you use for the sleeves made from?

Our material is a special mix of polyester and spandex.  This gives our sleeves a four-way stretch.  Our sleeves are also antibacterial and moisture wicking.

What type of files can be used for printing on the Arctic Tube sleeves?

We accept AI, PSD , EPS, PDF, JPEG, BMP  and TIF files.  For repeating seamless patterns, please prepare the file as a JPEG, BMP or TIF file.  Please keep the file under 200MB if possible.


How long will it take to freeze the Arctic Tube? 

Generally, it takes about 3 to 5 hours to freeze solid.  Unhook the strap, slightly bend, open the bottle to fill with water (do not fill past the indicated Fill Line) Secure it back into the U-Shape to freeze.  It’s really that simple!

How long will the Arctic Tube stay cold?

This depends on a few factors. We have tested the Arctic Tube and when frozen it can last 2 to 4 hours, but that also depends on outside temperatures, sun exposure and how it is stored when not in use. Typically, when in use, it will stay nice and cold for 2 to 3 hours.

How can I wash my Arctic Tube bottle and sleeve?

We suggest to wash the bottle in a sink not in the dishwasher.  Your Arctic tube sleeve is fully washable. Simply wash on normal cycle in your washing machine and hang to dry.