Fill It Freeze It Wear It

What is the Arctic Tube?

The Arctic Tube is a freezable, wearable water bottle that you wear around your neck.  While wearing the Arctic Tube the coolness of the bottle helps keep your temperature down and as the liquid in the bottle melts, you are also able to keep yourself hydrated.  Another great feature about the Arctic Tube is that you can advertise on the sleeve of the bottle.  We use a newer type of printing called sublimation printing.  This type of printing gives you unlimited creation possibilities that will not crack or fade, even after many washings. This allows you to customize any type of design you like or you can pick one of our sleeve designs. Now you can enjoy hours of refreshing coolness anywhere you go!

About the bottle:

  • Made in North America
  • BPA Free / Non-Toxic
  • Capacity is 30 oz  / 900 ml
  • Adjustable strap allowing a comfortable fit
  • Comfort  “ Flex form fit ™ “  design
  • Freezable and reusable
  • Antibacterial and moisture wicking sleeve material
  • Customizable sleeve with your own logo or design