About Arctic Tube

The Arctic Tube is a multipurpose water bottle that you freeze and wear around your neck.  While wearing the Arctic Tube the coolness of the bottle helps keep your body temperature down and as the liquid in the bottle melts, you are also able to keep yourself hydrated.  The uses of the Arctic Tube are almost endless. Take it to your favorite sporting event, hiking, the gym, cycling, walking, golfing, festivals, migraines, sore muscles or put a couple frozen in your cooler and have hours of coolness with out the mess of melting bags of ice! 

  One of our unique features about the Arctic Tube is the ability to customize the sleeve that goes around the outside of the tube.  You can promote your business or customize them for your sports team.   We use a newer type of printing called sublimation printing.  The ink is super heated into a gas form and embedded into the material, giving you vibrant colours and unlimited creation possibilities that will not crack or fade, even after many washings. You can design your own or pick one of our stock designs.  With Arctic tube, you get a hands-free water bottle experience like no other, no need for holding on to that annoying water bottle, just put it around your neck and go! 

 Please allow 10-15 business days to complete your order. Shipping and taxes are extra.

The Arctic Tube was specifically developed to freeze and wear around your neck.  This unique application gives you a cooling sensation made to help keep you cool during physical activity, at your favorite sporting venue, festival or lounging around on hot summer days!

Custom Orders

Have a business you want to promote or a team you want to have matching Arctic tubes for? Well this is the place to do it. The Arctic tube gives you all of that and much more! 

With your custom-made Arctic tubes, you get to customize the sleeve that goes around the bottle with any design you can think of and choose your color of cap and strap to match.  We use sublimation technology for our printing so it’s a perfect match anytime, with out cracking or fading.

 Upload your artwork and see what we can do for you.