What a Great Invention! This Will be Easy!

I feel a little late in starting to blog about our experience – so much has happened in this short time! For this first blog installment I thought I would write about a couple of funny experiences that made it very clear that what we thought and what was reality could be shockingly different.
The sheer amount of research and expense to even START the launch of a brand new product is daunting…kind of like when us women think it will be SO easy to find that specific clothing item we’re looking for….15 stores later we’re silently cursing and literally willing to wear anything at that point…. then multiply that ten-fold;-)

Example: A basic sports cap for the bottle? Sure! There’s SO MANY kinds of water bottles on the market, this should be SIMPLE! Did you know that there’s literally ONE manufacturer in ALL of North America that produces the right size of sports cap for the Arctic Tube?! yep! And how did Blaire find that out? By researching and calling DOZENS of companies across Canada and the US. And of course, a minimum number in the tens of thousands have to be ordered at once. So, yep, at the very least if it doesn’t work out, we can always roll around in 45 mm sports caps instead of dolla’ dolla’ bills, yo (in my mind I sounded very cool rapping that line, by the way).

And now a bit about starting the crowdfunding experience….
Well, we KNOW we need a video. Most videos on Indiegogo and Kickstarter are pretty kick-ass and slick…we can do that! Time to find a videographer! Wait, what? Most charge HOW MUCH for a 2-minute video? Ok then. Campy and informative – that’s better than slick and kick-ass anyways, right? We need a script and actors? Sure! I can write – friends can act -wait, no they can’t, but we’re going for campy and informative so HEY it’s all good!
Between our work schedules and that of the videographer (oh yes, full-time jobs to juggle here too, kids), we find ONE DAY that works….and it’s Vancouver April weather so that’s entirely predictable (insert eye-rolling emoji here).
We find a really nice, park-like setting – round up our friends with the finesse of herding cats (we love you all!) and proceed to shoot multiple scenes in the space of 4 hours – not bad! It was pretty fun and we had quite a few laughs in semi-decent weather.

Then we watched the raw footage. HD Video and being in your 40’s is NOT your best friend. Just saying. Hours of back and forth – no, that’s not what we were looking for….let’s see all those clips again?…wait, one more time I can’t remember which one was best?…oh, and let’s review all 123 fonts again, I’m not sure I like that one. Well, in the end everyone seems to be pretty entertained by it, so the 60 or so hours was worth it….

Next adventure will be our trip to Vegas to attend the Licensing Expo 2017 – can we say “little, teeny-weeny fish in a big-ass pond”? oh yes….more to come on that…

~Blaire  Cheveldayoff