Arctic Tube

We could get all technical on you and include statistics on the high frequency of heat-related illnesses, the health and athletic improvements from staying hydrated, the lack of daily water consumption for the average person, and so on and so on. They are all true, but it raises the question:  why doesn’t the average person carry a water bottle with them?  Well, it’s pretty simple when you think about it.  We live in a busy era of multi-tasking and juggling multiple things throughout our day and a simple water bottle doesn’t cut it anymore.  So, to keep up with the times we have designed a water bottle that can multi-task like you.  

Everyone I would like you to introduce the Arctic tube, the multi-task water bottle that you fill, freeze and wear around your neck. The uses of Arctic Tube are almost endless. You can use it for all types of sports such as soccer, golf, football, tennis, basketball, rugby, hockey and the list goes on and on. Whether you’re coming off the field or court for a break, all you have to do is put the Arctic Tube around your neck and with in seconds start to feel the cooling sensation. 

Or maybe you’re just plain thirsty, well then you can enjoy the refreshing beverage you have already frozen in your Arctic Tube. Even if you are just outside watching your favorite sports venue, at the gym, relaxing on the beach, going for a walk, sending the kids to school, gardening, cycling, camping, anything really, the Arctic Tube can be there with you in many ways.  

If you have ever placed ice on an injury, you’ll also understand the benefits of having a portable ice pack with you.  Now do you see why we think it’s the Superhero of water bottles!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained… so give it a shot and see how the Arctic Tube can improve your life, your family’s life, your team, your clients, or even your business exposure. 


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Custom Orders

Have a business you want to promote or a team you want to have matching Arctic tubes for? Well this is the place to do it. The Arctic tube gives you all of that and much more! 

With your custom-made Arctic tubes, you get to customize the sleeve that goes around the bottle with any design you can think of and choose your color of cap and strap to match.  We use sublimation technology for our printing so it’s a perfect match anytime, with out cracking or fading.

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