The Arctic Tube
The Arctic was specially developed to freeze and wear around your neck. This unique application gives you a cooling sensation made to help keep you cool during physical activity, at your favorite sporting venue, festivals or just lounging around on hot summer days. As your beverage melts, enjoy your ice-cold drink for up to 4 hours! No,need for holding on to that annoying water bottle, just put it around your neck and go!
So Many Uses!
Wear your Arctic Tube! Experience a new type of hands-free water bottle. Use it for hiking, yoga, camping, fitness, gardening, at the beach, at your favorite sporting venue, for therapeutic use or anything else you can imagine with the convenience of having your water with you for a cool drink anytime.

Lets Work together!

Need your own Design printed?

Have a business you want to promote or a team you want to have matching Arctic tubes for? Well this is the place to do it. The Arctic tube gives you all of that and much more! 

With your custom-made Arctic tubes, you get to customize the sleeve that goes around the bottle with any design you can think of and choose your color of cap and strap to match.  We use sublimation technology for our printing so it’s a perfect match anytime, with out cracking or fading.

 Upload your artwork and see what we can do for you.